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September 11, 2009

Pakistan’s Poor Education System!

school-children_0 Education and health are the basic needs of the people but these two important factors are the most expensive spheres in Pakistan. Pakistan’s poor economic condition does not allow middle and poor class families to afford high expenses of schools fees with the name of quality education particularly in the private sector. Owing to lack of resources mostly families are unable to educate their children thus resulting a large number of children remain out of school and are forced to child laboring or involved in anti-social activities.

The government has recently announced a new education policy and according to that education up to secondary level will be free of cost but the question arises about private schools. The imbalance of education system in Pakistan has spoiled the whole scenario and this is a big clash between poor and quality education. Likewise tuition centers are adding to the miseries of the parents. This so-called business is on the rise and parents are compelled to arrange tuition for their children to make up the deficiency and they pay extra amount from 4000 to 5000 rupees per month for each subject.

However, this is a big question mark as how the government will bring about revolutionary reforms in education sector. There is no doubt that education is becoming more profitable business in Pakistan especially in private sectors which have nothing to do except increasing enrolment in their schools in order to supplement their business. However, there are some reputed private institutions in Pakistan particularly in Lahore which are providing quality education but other private schools are just exploiting the education and grabbing money under the name of quality education.

There should be a proper check and balance system of such so-called schools whether in Government or the private sector. Also it has been observed that absenteeism of students as well as teachers in the government schools is very high and this needs to be controlled. There may be few government schools in Pakistan which provide quality education while 90 % government schools are imparting so-called education despite having huge buildings and grounds. Such schools need to be reorganized.

If our political leadership is really sincere they can bring revolutionary changes in the education system and get the middle and poor class people of the so-called private schools which are only grabbing money with the name of quality education. More efforts are required to streamline the education policy particularly the private institutions which have paralyzed the middle class families with unaffordable monthly tuition and admission fees etc. It has been noticed particularly in Lahore that private schools which are offering O and A level education are charging fees from 7,000 to 15,000 rupees per month excluding transportation charges and other high admission fees which is said to be from 15000 to 20000. So one can imagine if a person’s income is just 10 to 20 thousand per month how he or she can afford such heavy expenses of just one child in a private school.

The recent announcement made by the government can be termed a welcome step towards the improvement of education system and this should go a long way and be implemented with its letter and spirit. However, let’s hope as the government seems determined to bringing about radical changes and probably will work towards bringing also a unified and paralal education system so that Pakistan could achieve maximum educational needs and pave the way for the new generation to obtain social and economic development.

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